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5 Plastics you can ditch today

June 20, 2018 — Alison Potter

With a struggling recycling market in Australia, these are five common, single-use plastic items you can ditch today.

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Woolies mix-up leads to kids accidentally eating dog food

Aug. 29, 2017 — Tony Ibrahim

What happens when you see Scooby-Doo dog treats next to Tiny Teddies and Arnott's Shapes?

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Aldi left red-faced by repackaged Coles deodorant

Jan. 18, 2017 — Tony Ibrahim

Removes product from store shelves

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Five things you didn't know you could recycle

Jan. 10, 2017 — Alison Potter

From coffee pods to aerosol cans, there are more options than even when it comes to recycling.

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Christmas recycling hacks

Dec. 22, 2016 — Alison Potter

Here's where to send all that festive frippery after Santa and the relatives have gone.

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Food packaging tricks

Oct. 4, 2016 — Rachel Clemons

Big boxes and generous packets can often mask the shrinking size of products such as chips, muesli bars, vitamins and chocolate.

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Australia Post to recycle plastic mail satchels

Feb. 26, 2016 — Chris Doyle

Australia Post announces recycling program - should more companies be taking responsibility for waste?

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Breaking down plastic

July 8, 2015 — Chris Doyle

Biodegradable plastics sound like an ideal waste solution, but their environmental benefits may depend on where you live.

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Shrinking pack sizes

July 8, 2015 — Andy Kollmorgen

Food manufacturers like Smith's and Cadbury are offering less without reducing the price.

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How to recycle plastic bags and wrappers

June 19, 2015 — Rachel Clemons

They can't go in your regular recycling bin, so how can you prevent flexible plastics from ending up in landfill?

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How to use quantity statements on packaging to save money

Jan. 20, 2015 — Stephanie Baker

Quantity statements on the front of food packaging help consumers compare value for money.

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Buying in bulk and obesity

Sept. 4, 2014 — Pablo Vinales

Health experts warn that supersized bargains are supersizing our waistlines.

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Wrap rage

Sept. 4, 2014 — Kate Browne

Sturdy packaging might protect your goods, but what happens when you can't even open it?

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Excess packaging and online shopping

Sept. 4, 2014 — Ros Page

When convenience costs the earth.

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Copycat packaging

Sept. 4, 2014 — Elise Dalley

Supermarkets tread a fine line between paying homage and copycatting.

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