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CBA to issue $16m in refunds ahead of royal commission hearings

March 8, 2018 — Tony Ibrahim

Announced as the Commonwealth Bank is forced to defend its 'junk' insurance sales and policies.

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Insurance changes proposed to drive down prices

Jan. 15, 2018 — Tony Ibrahim

Home and car insurers may have to break down premium increases.

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Youi refunds consumers who were sold insurance without their knowledge

Nov. 30, 2017 — Daniel Graham

More than 100 people were charged for policies they never wanted to buy.

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Claims rejections going up and up

March 30, 2017 — Andy Kollmorgen

An independent monitor cites a disturbing trend.

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Which insurers do we trust the most?

Jan. 10, 2017 — Andy Kollmorgen

A new CHOICE survey shows that reliability is what policyholders really want.

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Credit protection insurance rip-off

May 13, 2016 — Uta Mihm

Credit protection insurance makes an easy dollar for lenders and insurers, but there are far smarter options for consumers.

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Insurance claims denials and disputes are common

March 21, 2016 — Andy Kollmorgen

Drawn out investigations often deter legitimate claims.

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Insurance contracts and PDS documents

Aug. 20, 2015 — Andy Kollmorgen

Reading the fine print in insurance documents has never been easy – can the industry make it simpler?

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Avoiding the insurance 'lazy tax'

June 30, 2015 — Ines Gruber

Think you'll get cheaper premiums just by sticking with your insurer? Not so.

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Unnecessary insurance policies

Aug. 19, 2014 — Uta Mihm

Insurance you can live without.

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Insurance comparison sites

Aug. 19, 2014 — Jodi Bird

Our review of comparison websites reveals some hidden catches.

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