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Dec. 17, 2018 — Alison Potter

Thousands of solar systems in Australia have been left stranded by solar companies that have been wound up.

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Are my solar panels working?

Aug. 17, 2018 — Alison Potter

Six simple steps to find out if all is well with your solar PV system.

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How to buy quality solar PV

April 10, 2018 — Alison Potter

Our guide to picking the right solar quote and knowing your rights in this sometimes shady market.

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Sizing your solar panel system

Feb. 19, 2018 — Chris Barnes

Figuring out the right size of solar PV system to suit your home's energy needs

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Community energy projects in Australia

Dec. 28, 2017 — Alison Potter

Solar farms are offering renters, unit dwellers and low-income households access to the solar boom.

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Solar roof tiles – solar panel alternatives

Nov. 1, 2017 — Alison Potter

If your roof isn't suitable for solar panels, consider (more expensive) solar roof tiles.

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Solar battery installs surge amid rising electricity bills

Sept. 22, 2017 — Tony Ibrahim

Surprisingly, Tesla wasn't the most popular solar battery brand among Australians.

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Solar battery installations grow as power bills tumble

Feb. 21, 2017 — Tony Ibrahim

First Tesla Powerwall owner reports electricity bills up to 90% cheaper.

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Living with the Tesla Powerwall for a year: the first Australian case study

Feb. 21, 2017 — Tony Ibrahim

The solar system could pay itself off much quicker than expected

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Solar panel test - what we found

Dec. 16, 2016 — Chris Barnes

We share expert insights into what we found during our test of solar panels.

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Banking on batteries

July 15, 2016 — Alison Potter

When will solar home battery storage save money for Australian households? We help you do the maths.

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Get the best value from your solar power

June 28, 2016 — Alison Potter

How to make the most of your free solar energy when the NSW Solar Bonus Scheme ends on December 31.

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Tesla's Powerwall home battery

Feb. 10, 2016 — Chris Barnes

A revolutionary battery will help homes get more out of their solar panels.

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Powerwall payback

Feb. 1, 2016 — Chris Doyle

We crunch the numbers on the new Tesla Powerwall to see how it stacks up in terms of offsetting your electricity costs.

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