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Are home DNA kits reliable?

Sept. 10, 2018 — Kate Browne

Home DNA testing kits make it easy to discover your genetic lineage, but you need to know the risks of taking one.

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My Health Record – what you need to know

July 24, 2018 — Karina Bray

My Health Record promises better coordinated health care for all Australians – but what about privacy and security concerns?

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Getting a second medical opinion

Dec. 13, 2017 — Karina Bray

Faced with life-changing, risky or expensive medical events, getting a second opinion should be part of your action plan.

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Big tobacco covertly campaigning to sway vaping laws in Australia

July 14, 2017 — Tony Ibrahim

Philip Morris Australia has flooded a parliamentary inquiry with personal stories of vaping fans.

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Sale of Medicare details on dark web linked to 8-year-old system

July 10, 2017 — Tony Ibrahim

Independent review launched to increase security.

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Medicare card details for sale on dark web

July 5, 2017 — Tony Ibrahim

A trader is selling off Medicare patient details alleged to be from a government health agency

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E-cigarette makers fined for cancer-free claims

May 8, 2017 — Tony Ibrahim

Three vaping brands taken to court.

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Online e-health services

Feb. 24, 2017 — Kate Browne

What are your options when you can't get to the doctor?

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Chiropractor advertising cancer cure prosecuted

Feb. 20, 2017 — Tony Ibrahim

Marks the first court case brought against a chiropractor for making misleading claims.

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Is your pharmacist giving you the right advice?

Feb. 13, 2017 — Karina Bray

We put pharmacists to the test – what do they recommend for stress and does it work?

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Know your body numbers

Aug. 31, 2016 — Karina Bray

Keeping tabs on your key health measures

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Electronic cigarettes

June 21, 2016 — Karina Bray

Are e-cigarettes really a healthy alternative to regular cigarettes?

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Toxic e-cigarettes targeted by ACCC

June 21, 2016 — Tony Ibrahim

Two online retailers are being taken to court over cancer-causing chemicals.

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Six things you didn't know about Medicare (and probably should)

April 14, 2016 — Daniel Graham

It’s more than just free visits to the doctor.

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CHOICE joins calls for action on dodgy chiro claims

Feb. 25, 2016 — Karina Bray

Chiropractors Board of Australia fails to crack down on misleading claims putting patients at risk.

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