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Oct. 12, 2018 — Matthew Steen

Check out how it compares to other big name brands for speed and satisfaction.

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Best NBN plans – May 2018

June 14, 2018 — Alex Angove-Plumb

We review the latest NBN plans from Telstra, iinet, TPG and more to help you find the best one for you.

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NBN complaints surge 204%

April 17, 2018 — Tony Ibrahim

Landline, mobile and internet complaints to the TIO all climbed.

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ACCC reveals results of NBN testing

March 29, 2018 — Tony Ibrahim

And they're 'better than expected'.

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More than 11,000 NBN customers to be compensated

March 20, 2018 — Tony Ibrahim

iiNet and Internode concede they likely misled their users.

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Broadband performance measuring program FAQ

Feb. 27, 2018 — CHOICE staff

CHOICE and eMetric have set up a broadband measuring program - here are the frequently asked questions.

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Measuring broadband provider performance

Feb. 26, 2018 — CHOICE staff

How we get the numbers in the CHOICE Broadband Performance Measuring Program.

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The NBN gets a standard for its quality and complaints handling

Dec. 21, 2017 — Tony Ibrahim

Increased consumer protections could help customers get what they're paying for.

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TPG will refund customers over slow NBN speeds

Dec. 20, 2017 — Tony Ibrahim

Nearly 8000 customers will be eligible for refunds or have their contract cancellation fees waved.

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ACCC says Optus misled 20,000 NBN customers

Dec. 18, 2017 — Tony Ibrahim

The telco is being taken to Federal Court over a range of 'misleading' practices.

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Optus likely misled 8700 NBN customers

Dec. 11, 2017 — Tony Ibrahim

More than 20% of its 100/40Mbps users weren't getting speeds half as fast.

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'Put the money back so I can pay my landlord': customers to Telstra's Belong

Dec. 1, 2017 — Tony Ibrahim

A suspected glitch has overcharged customers, prompting them to swarm the internet provider's Facebook page.

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Telstra to refund 42,000 NBN customers for slow speeds

Nov. 8, 2017 — Tony Ibrahim

More than half of the customers with a 100Mbps connection are affected.

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ACCC launches NBN inquiry following rise in complaints

Nov. 2, 2017 — Tony Ibrahim

Comes days after the findings of a yearlong investigation into the NBN were published.

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ACCC warns 5G could substitute NBN connections

Oct. 31, 2017 — Tony Ibrahim

The upcoming mobile standard will disrupt the communications industry within the next three years, a yearlong investigation has found.

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